Change Everything.

Acceptance + Commitment = Change

Change Your Ideas About Treatment

Detox, inpatient rehab, IOP, one-on-one sessions, peer support, Choice Recovery Path, parenting programs, LGBTQIA+ groups, men’s and women’s groups, wellness programming, alumni community, hikes, fitness program, nutrition program, yoga, meditation, cold plunge, healthy living support, alumni activities – all evidence-based best practices, proven and improving, dynamic programming tailored to your needs. 

Recovery is multidimensional, dynamic, and deeply personal.

Change Your Tolerance

Drugs and alcohol aren’t the only things we build tolerance for. Our tolerance for stress, our tolerance for discomfort, our tolerance for change – are part of what we call resilience. We work together to build resilience, endurance and capacity. Meeting a challenge can be fun and rewarding! And we come to know that we can do it – we really can change, grow, prosper – Recovery is possible. 

Change Your Depth

Building relationships with ourselves, our community, the people we love and the people with whom we recover, we learn to dig in – take emotional risks, heal the trauma we’ve been carrying, come to understand more about our past and to see more possibility in the future. We don’t have to “take the edge off” – we can actually heal.

Recovery is healing.

Change Your World

It seems backward at first, but when we identify what we are powerless over we begin to see where our power actually lies – and how to use it to create real, meaningful, lasting change in our own lives, in our families, and in our communities. Recovery is empowering.

Change Your Mind

You can change your thinking. We can help. Too often we get caught in self-defeating, circular patterns of thinking that make it hard to start, hard to finish, and hard to believe that our lives can be different. We have proven methods to help you change self-destructive patterns of thought. Recovery is thoughtful.

You Got This. 

We’ve Got You.

Let Us Help.

Reach Out Today. 

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