Hello Everybody, 

First, I wanted to say “Thank You!” for all your hard work preparing our agency for the Covid-19 Pandemic.  I am truly grateful to work alongside each of you and couldn’t have asked for a better team! Our clients are safe and in very qualified hands (you are all “badasses”, I’d say).

 Like some of you, I’d never heard the term “shelter in place”, now I hear it all the time.  Many of you are working from home, an environment without established work routines/norms. It is now  more important than ever for the leadership team to clearly articulate our strategy for continued success. Part of this strategy is to provide training, policy reference materials, and clear lines of communication for mutual support.  

To facilitate communication we will be conducting regular meetings (such as treatment team) via Zoom, as well as the occasional training as needed and/or requested.  You will receive Zoom invites on your google calendar, which you can use to confirm your participation. This Wednesday will be a good trial of this function. In the new Draft Policy for Telecommuting, there are video tutorials.  If you continue to struggle with the technology, please contact Lawrence at (505)208-8976.

Office business…both offices will be running on skeleton crews.  Clinical staff may work from the office, but we need to be ALL virtual (no more groups, or individual sessions in the building) by Tuesday, March 24th.  So, Monday, March 23rd is the last day to see clients in the office. If you would like to come to work because your home environment is not conducive to work, discuss this with your supervisor.  Admissions, Detox, and minimal administrative staff will continue to be present at the site locations. 

In our effort to support the “work from home” transition, we (mostly Amanda) have generated a draft policy document for your review.  Please read it carefully. We encourage you to make comments if you see something missing or in need of improvement. This is a draft document and it will surely evolve over time.  

Here is a bullet point overview:

  • Clinician’s transition to cell phones
    • Cultural shift to more direct clinician to client contact
    • Calling and texting with clients
    • Group texts for client groups
    • Clinicians taking on more direct scheduling tasks
  • At home:
    • Work hours
    • Availability
  • Electronic Calendar
    • Scheduling
    • Billing
  • Changing Communication Patterns
    • Staff
    • Clients
  • Home Work Environment
    • Space at Home
    • Home/work separation for wellness
    • Equipment 
    • HIPAA considerations
    • Use of Google Docs, sharing
    • Wellness tips
  • Time Off / Sickness leave
  • Children & Dependents

In order to stay connected, here is the staff cell phone list.

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