10 Year Anniversary

At this time last year, Turning Point Recovery Center was beginning a year of celebration for our Tenth Anniversary. We were overwhelmed with gratitude for our team, our clients and our community, and were planning a series of events to celebrate and strengthen our bonds.

We had no idea, of course, what the year would bring. And looking back on our anniversary message feels a little bittersweet after a year of quarantine, telemedicine, concern for each other – and an acceleration of mental health and substance abuse crises that were already astounding.

What remains the same is our gratitude. This year has tested all of us, and each of us, in different ways. But together we have been able to continue the process of helping people find recovery. We have adapted to new tools and found some of them to have lasting usefulness. This year has demanded that we be innovative, creative, adaptable and compassionate, and we have grown as a result.

Turning Point Recovery Center has been the heart of a growing community of people in recovery, people seeking recovery, and people supporting those efforts. We see our growth not only in numbers but in cohesion – even in this time when we can’t see each other in person, when we can’t offer a hand or a hug no matter how much we want to — we continue to build that sense of unity and safety with one another. And we feel that with our community as well.

It’s times like these – when things are hard, when we don’t know what tomorrow will bring, when we’re afraid – that we find out what matters. I can speak for the team when I say that our mission matters as much as it ever has. I speak for myself when I say, our team reminds me of the goodness and possibility that is all around us, if we are willing to see it.

We look forward to celebrating with you another time, someday. Today we want you to know that whatever happens – in good times or bad, whatever happens – recovery is possible.

And Turning Point/Focused Recovery is here – for you, with you, as part of the community.

Thanks everyone for bringing us through this unforgettable year with gratitude, hope and fortitude. Brighter days are ahead – for all of us.

Paul Tucker, MS,
LADAC President / CEO

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