10 Year Anniversary

Ten years ago today, on January 4th 2010, Turning Point Recovery Center first opened its doors. Sean Murphy, Jeff Ellis and I were crowded into a little office on Georgia St NE. Wow! So much has happened.

How many people have passed through our doors in ten years — several thousand, I reckon! How many found it to be transformative? How many found a new life that changed everything? We have changed a lot of lives, including our own.

Supporting and developing our staff has been a key to success. I have learned many lessons over the years and none more important than this one. A team that works well together is paramount to a functional and healthy organization. Looking back, I find it both horrifying and hilarious at how much responsibility I took upon myself. A number of years ago, a team member approached me with an org chart that showed I was supervising everyone else, something like 15 or 20 people at that point!

But we learn at least as much from our failures as from our successes. And as long as we are learning together we continue to improve, day by day. We keep moving forward. I am so glad I get more than one chance in life!

Which leads me to where I am today… Incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity to build something so meaningful with this team… And literally life saving for those utilizing our services. At the beginning of this, if I tried to imagine where I would be now, I would have sold myself short.

Today, and every day, we are at a Turning Point. We can stay the same, or grow. I’m so fortunate to be able to grow with you!

Paul Tucker, MS,
LADAC President / CEO

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